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    Roty said:

    Decorating Question

    If the walls out (longer at one end than the other), how do u hang patterned paper, so the pattern doesn't appear to slope and a new row of pattern appearing at the top by the time u've finished.
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    Morph said:


    you lose the lost area of the pattern in the corners.

    Just plumb a vertical line each time you start in a new corner, you wont see it when its all done :-)
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    chevyuk said:


    paint it, lol
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    spagboll said:


    Wood chip the lot!! lol

    or use that splattery paint they always used in the school bogs. that always looked good!! ha ha ha..

    But Morphs answer is correct.

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    Cam said:


    add a v high border to it that runs leval with the un leval room

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    wonkyfox said:


    I`d make sure the pattern was as striaght as possible on the horizonal and as morph said use a plumb line,if the wall is out but the paper pattern is striaght it won`t look half as bad,as it would if it were the other way round!!!!!

    I think!!
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    Roty said:
    Cheers guys.