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    Default quest to upgrade my PC

    been looking for site for some reasonable prices for a Motherboards & Processors. and came across this site which when i`ve compared with the other sites i looked at came out tops. the site is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    also postage seem cheap

    this is not a spam and if anyone else can put me in the direction of a better site please advise.

    hope this is of use!!!!

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    dude, take the dot of the end of the url

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    They work through QXL alot - My bro and my dad got their PC's from them and they were good value - they do skimp on the case / psu etc with the prebuilt PC's but if you are buying components you could do well - what bits are you after in particular then we can try and find a comparison.
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    dont know about their motherboard prices but they r selling 40x speed liteon writers for 38 quid nice one.

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    hi, thanks for the reply have to have a look at QXL.
    i`m looking at getting a Gigabyte Ga-81exp Skt478 and a processor 2,26 gb.