How to format in WinXP (Home Edition)!

Thread: How to format in WinXP (Home Edition)!

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    This is for a m8, He has one hard drive split into 3 partitions C (NTFS), D (NTFS), and E (FAT32). He has Win XP installed on both C and D, but C has completly buggered up and he cant view any web pages while running the others.

    He can't format with boot disk as the PC will only recognise FAT32 drive E (which it calls C )

    Any help would be great, thanks
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    use partition magic and delete drive E
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    if your using an older o/s bootdisk try using fdisk and delete the non dos partitions and go from there

    on the other hand when you boot from the win xp install disk you should get an option asking which partition you want to install to then it will probably say something like the partition isn't sutable and give you an option to delete it and start again

    doing that would be the same as formatting the partition
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    Boot pc with Windows CD inside drive. Go through settings as if you were instaling fresh copy of windows. Read instructions careffuly. It should give you option to delete all partitions. After you do that create new partition and install fresh copy of Windows.
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    Nothing like dragging up an old post.