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    I've been waiting for this one for a while now and really enjoyed it - the story was actually different to what I was expecting (ie I thought that Simone would develop AI etc) but it was excellent.

    Think this is made by the guy who did the Truman Show, and for some reason this reminds me of Being John Malkovich but that could be because it's got Catherine Keener in it again..

    There are some good one liners in this and the guy who runs the Echo newspaper is well amusing at times - I reckon he's well in love with Simone!

    There's a great plot twist just after half way through the film, Al Pacino is quality in this role..

    Everyone puts in a decent performance, but I don't know where they found the bird who plays Simone, she's fantastic!

    Worth a watch as this is quality - won't be a lot of people's thing as it can be pretty slow going but I liked it!

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    I found it a great film.

    8 out of 10.
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    Default [2002] Simone

    What can i say, i saw this after reading the reviews in the paper and thought it would be a brilliant film... but to be honest with you i found myself laughing at its STUPIDITY... i mean for a start what 12 year old girl can recover all the data from a computer after a virs has been on the hard drive (and the actual drive removed)?

    I think this film went a bit over the top with their ideas, so to give it a rating, i suppose 5/10 would be a fair enough mark... but believe me, its nothing special!!

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    ye, i thot it was a bit of an odd film for pacino to choose..

    i would have liked it more if it wasnt such a bloody stupid idea, ****ing computer generated bird..ffs.. pish.. and since when has a virus come on a nice labled disk with a version number etc lol

    but once u get by the fact that the concept is total pish, it was kinda funny..

    dunno.. 6/10 maybe.. thats being nice