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    Does anybody know when the old new BBC Digi service commences. This is the new FTA channels using the old ITV digi setup.

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    Last I heard was the end of September.
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    Viewers may have to pay to keep ITV Digital boxes
    Former ITV Digital subscribers could be forced to pay for their set-top boxes if they want to keep them to receive the BBC's forthcoming digital service. Having promised creditors it would put the defunct TV operator into liquidation by October, administrator Deloitte & Touche looked set to abandon its attempts to find a buyer for those boxes still in circulation. But now The Guardian reports that a deal could be struck shortly. Any potential buyer of the boxes would have to cover the cost of collecting and reconditioning the systems before being able to sell them on. Alternatively, the potential buyer may plan to persuade box owners to pay a small fee to keep their systems rather than forcing them to purchase new boxes for about 100. [Aug 30]

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    Did a quick Store Channels yesterday to see if anything new -- They must be working at it 'cos only got 24 channels listed but nothing new on there as yet --- Dave