butlins rapist named by police (and yes its an asylum seeker)

Thread: butlins rapist named by police (and yes its an asylum seeker)

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    Default butlins rapist named by police (and yes its an asylum seeker)

    radio 5 just gave out the name of the person the police want to question in relation to the series of sexual attakes and rapes at a butlins camp at bognor regis in west sussex.

    Bogus asylum seeker Petru Samfira lived in a caravan near the butlins site, now if he'd been locked up or deported rather than being allowed to wander the country these rapes wouldnt have happened

    Wake up tony, we dont want this scum in our country, gag you wife and get rid of them.

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    You've got it all wrong m8, arresting and punishing him would be a racist act, and a violation of his human rights, ask ANY of the do-gooders.:rolls: :rolls: why is the poor bastard having to live in a poxy caravan? the local authority should provide him with five-star hotel accomodation, shame on them! after all, we tax payers dont mind....do we?
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    i thjought tis was oyr contry and we said how it shud be run

    l is for labor
    l is for lice

    ( okay harry enfiled joke but hay)

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    Reminds me of a incident in Solihull, West Mids a few years back, an immigrant grabbed a girl and tried to have sex with her, his defence was he hasn't been in the country long, and his relatives told him there were lots of girls in Britain and that they were all easy, so he thought he'd grab one.
    We have enough rapists scum in this country of our own, without having to import them as well.
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    Before this thread takes off Id like to point out that this guy is the PRIME SUSPECT and before its breaks out into a witch hunt thread that should be considered. The news reports are all saying suspect and that they want to find him to question.

    None the less its very strange behaviour from the police releasing a name when at the same time they wont release a list of names
    of all the child sex offenders living freely. I dont understand the logic in this at all.
    There are 3 types of people in the world - those who make things happen, those who watch things happen; and those who wondered what happened.

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    fair comment 4me2, but the police dont usualy release a name and a photo unless they are pretty certain he's their man, on the pedo subject, its because they have been punished (it is claimed) if they were wanting to find one for a particular offence (as in this case) i'm certain they would release pictures and names to the public as they did in the case of that maggot cook