Oh no not another 8210 question!!!

Thread: Oh no not another 8210 question!!!

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    stu99 said:

    Default Oh no not another 8210 question!!!

    I'm sur it's been asked a million times but i would appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction.

    I have an 8210 v5.28 that I want to unlock. I have a Flasher cable(the type that fits on the printer port).

    I was going to use Jetro 3.11 and link the two pins 7 & 12 in the cable, however I notice in the about for jethro that it only supports up to 5.26. Will it still work??

    If not whats my next best move - use a partial etc?? I have done this once before but i would not say i'm over confident (Do you have a good Tut)

    Should I order another cable instead??

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    Jesta said:


    Hi Stu...

    i dunno about jethro....if it says it can only do 5.26 i would not chance it....

    but you may want to download rolis 4.78 (its a sticky thread in the download section)... i think it will do 8210 v5.28... and it will working fine with the Dejan cable you have..(i dont think u need to link the pins together...) someone with more knowlegde then me will be able to verify my post..

    i will find the link for you and post it here.. for rolis..

    have a read on this thread..
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    it will be about half way down.

    Good luck

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    stu99 said:


    thanx mate - thought you needed a serial cable for rollis??
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    Jesta said:


    as far as i know.. it does use the LPT1 port in the options bar at the top.... i am very certain it uses the parrallel port...just see if u can read ya phone

    it like windows98.. but if u set compatibility mode... under xp.. then it should be ok (ive dumped a copy of my 6210 with it.)
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    stu99 said:


    cool thanx mate - you need to remind me how to get into compatability mode though
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    Jesta said:


    if you press F1 on your desktop...
    and then... in the find box, click and enter compatibility mode... and do a search... it will be there....

    *its the only way i know to find it* as i seldom use it..

    u may or may not need userports (in the same thread)...see if u can read the phone..if u cant.. download/install and run userports and start it, it should be fine after that...

    Good luck
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    Snak3 said:


    easier than that - just right click on a program, and click on the compatibility tab from there
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    casio said:


    ive just used nokia tool by jordik and did it through a data cable (com port) and un locked it (version 5.29)