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An initiative of me and a friend of mine, dedicated to accumulate a collection of sites with the most crappiest English ever.

It's especially made for people from the Netherlands; if you translate a Dutch sentence to English word-by-word, you would get the most crappiest English ever. (in fact, the title of the website is a word-by-word translation of a famous saying here in The Netherlands.)
Fortunately, The Netherlands are full with a lot of dumb people who - unfortunately - have acces to the internet, and - even more unfortunate - want to build their own websites. To keep it international, they (also) build them in English. This leads to the word-by-word translation phenomenon as mentioned above. (see the Viand.nl link on the site).

So, as a final word; this site is for all English-speaking people who enjoy laughing at dumbshits, and even more for people from The Netherlands who can speak proper English and <b>also</b> enjoy laughing at dumbshits. The collection isn't very big yet (3 links), but it's growing....

Let me know what you think. Don't mind the design though... it's a bit shite right now