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    Just upgraded my girlfriends escort cab to RS turbo engine and had to change the wiring loom at the same time. Did not bother to work out the wiring for the alarm as I just cut it out!

    Need a wiring diagram for a Clifford concept 50 alarm with sense and tell module.

    Tried clifford HQ and they are no use, even tried bribing a local installer but no help there. They just want to sell me a new system at 400!

    I paid 600 for this system with the extras fitted so I dont want to pay out again.

    Any ideas people?
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    Tell me somethin? How secure IS an alarm system that you can get any details you want from the Internet? I reckon you should have took the time to figure the wiring BEFORE you ripped it out Iinstead of relying on US to do the work for you. WTF is the point in security if it's unsecure? Bribe a fitter or HOPE you can find help here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] or.................look forward to buyin a new one. Call me all you want but consider how poor your security would be if it was so easy to circumvent first.
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    Youmaybe a very lucky boy
    I have a 50x from my m8 who installed it and he game me the installation diags etc.
    The only wires you cans see are the colour coded ones for the sensors (uWave dual sensor ,glass tamper and alarm plus extra channels)
    All protected circuits are black neway so have to labelled on removal as no pin numbers are given.

    Colour coded sensors are easy to rejoin so I guess your lookin at the others which could be at best very time consuming.

    If not let me know and I might be able to send you a copy