[HELP!!!!] Buying a contract phone from the net

Thread: [HELP!!!!] Buying a contract phone from the net

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    The site that i'm looking at is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] I'm just wondering if this site is safe and not dodgy. I was looking at a vodaphone contract (The one with 750 off peak mins + 50 free texts) which is 11.99 + 2 for itemised billing. You also get either a T65, T66, T191, T192, T250, V50, 3310, 3350, 3410, 3520, 5210, GD75, N500, C45, M50, S45, J70, Z7 for free with the contract. The problem is : -

    It says when you go to buy the phone something about the 50 texts being 2.99. Is that ontop of the monthly charge?
    It also says that to check your card they take 59 from your account and then cancel the transaction. Is that true, will they refund it or is it some scam and am i gonna lose 59 here?
    It sounds too good to be true?
    Finally, Vodaphone offer no such contract deal. The only contract for around that price offers only 500 minutes. Is it a real deal or is it fake again?

    Thanks if u can help, its just i dont wanna end up losing loadsa money or finding out when i get the bill through that i have to pay some extra charge that they never mentioned.
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    This is standard practice m8 - the take 60 from your card to check if you have credit available then they recredit it straight away.
    Dunno about the site tho - try dialaphone.co.uk - my friend just got a t100 from them.
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    Also try onestopphoneshop.co.uk I bought a phone from them recently and you can track your order process online and by phone. They are quite helpful too. They didn't debit my card though (not that I aware of) but it requires credit checking or something. The whole from buying to getting the phone took only a couple of days.

    Hope this helps.
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    My advice is head over to your local Carphone Warehouse or somewhere similar. Not only will it be easier shopping in the shop, but you'll get more freebies as you can skin the sales person.
    Also, TMR seem to have built up a bad rep recently, so wouldn't buy from there.

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    u could do worse than 2 av a look at this thread in the scambusters section m8.

    its not about the same thing but it is the same company

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    like its been suggested b4 tho m8, ur best off goin in2 a high street type shop, they r always willing 2 give u a free this or half price that AND most importantly they cant not answer the fone or leave u on hold all day as u can just turn up n cause all sorts ov trouble 4 them.
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    Thanks for your help guys. I'll stay clear of that site. I'm probably going to get one off of mobileshop.com