Dont slate me but is this possible????

Thread: Dont slate me but is this possible????

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    _Costanza_ said:

    Dont slate me but is this possible????

    a friend of a friend(i know hehe) says he knows a ntl engineer who has fitted ntl broadband to his house and he has it for free???is this possible and could it be done with bt adsl or by???
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    don't see why not. in theory he would need to register the mac address of the cable modem on a fake account and get a "friendly" in the office to send a hit to the cable modem. Don't know how long it would work for and their is the risk he may lose his job but it has to be possible on BY and NTL.
    Dunno about BT tho but probably could be done

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    Pegasus said:


    Not possible at all with ADSL for a few reasons:
    1. You need to get your line activated at the local exchange
    2. Your ISP user details need to be entered in to BT's RADIUS server database to enable you to be routed on to your ISP
    3. You need an account with an ISP that offers broadband access
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    gadgetman said:


    don't know much about this techno
    but I do know NTL's been done, its cracked, seen it with my own eyes.
    the boxs cost lots of monies
    Hope I'm not naughty for saying this???????
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    tbops said:


    100 bills per modem.

    512k i opened one up and all that was added was a capaciter/resistor. motorola surf board. its been working for about 4-5 months maybe more it was ages ago. no probelems.i wonder wpould u be able too hook up 2 modems to 1 line?
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    Originally posted by tbops
    i wonder wpould u be able too hook up 2 modems to 1 line?

    I have a 1mbit Test modem (supplied by a m8 in ntl for free) and a 512 (uncapped to 1mbit) running on the same line

    Just need to put a splitter into the cable

    If ur running Windows XP it is possible to bridge the 2 conns and have 'em runing as one..