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    Gel said:

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    I managed to get one, it isn't the new 'i' version but am up for offers around the 300 mark but no less peeps. You know what they are worth, it comes with the box etc and it is in new condition, also unlocked to any network, postage is free as well.
    No trades unless they are really good as I need the cash!


    PS: I do have this phone, I'm not selling it for a friend, I'm not waiting for a delivery it is actually in my posession and ready to post.
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    eminem said:


    Most i can giv @ the mo is 250 in p+p. If its too less then fair enough.

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    Gel said:


    Thanks Em but it's got to be 300 min, I thought I'd offer it here before I ebay it as knowing my luck someone in the states will buy it and then refuse to pay for it etc.....