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    Default hey

    hi all,i`m new to df,sorry i dont have any skills that you would find useful unless there are any farmers out there needing their cattle inseminated,artificcially that is.didnt stick to that career for too long F&M put a stop to that.anyway just saying hi,only been here a day and already ordered some merchandise on the advice of some of your members,MAGIC FORUM ,CHEERS LEN

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    Welcome aboard len, we like it here and i'm sure you will too, you might want a word with t2001 or cam or scoobypatch on the artifical insemination front as they tend to try to do it themselves.

    I'm sure you will find there is much you can learn from here, i notice you went straight in with the heavy stuff, i cant help you on that but i'm sure someone will try, one slight word of caution at the top of each forum are a set of "sticky's" these set out the rules for that forum, it is a wise man who wades through them if you arent sure about something then ask

    Enjoy yourself and join in wherever you fancy (the dog and duck is always a good place to meet people and find out what we are like, and you can always visit our village stock that we call the hall of shame (where dumb posts end up as well as rule breakers), if you find you need to get some info in a hurry just use the search button at the top of any page.


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