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    i just want 2 say how i think Nintendo cud hav marketed ther console in a way that cud hav made it sell beta (Even though it has still sold well).

    if a kid sees an adults toy, a ferarri, a petrol remote control car or a mobile fone they often want 2 imitate and get it as well.

    this doesnt work as well the otha round, few adults are green with envy at the site of a fluffy pikachu.

    my point is nintento shud hav realized with the 'cool' factor of sony's playstation that u shud try 2 appeal 2 the adults and the kids will follow.

    Rather than make a purple and blak GC but market the GC mainly as purple they shud hav gon 4 the blak look. I think it looks beta but even if u prefer purple by makin it black it is the same as its 2 rivals (Xbox and PS2) and then it is easier 4 people 2 make the direct comparison to appreciate that it is smaller and still as or more powerful than its rivals.

    Many of GC's games use primary colours and look, in my opinion, 2 cartoony. Fair enuf, this is Nintento's style, but my point is the gamecube is actually a mature console with games like Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness and they rnt lettin every1 no.

    I just think that seein a purple cube with super mario on it mite not appeal 2 a 20+ year old as much as a PS2 with grand theft auto.

    I no they havnt marketed it as a kids console but i think it mite b how sum people c it and its a shame if sum1 misses out on the cube becuz they think it is a kids console, it is good becuz it caters for adults and kids. 2 refer bak 2 my original point if they market it for adults the kids will follow.
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    I agree. But I know many of the ppl that own GCs on this forum are over 20 and rate it as the best console of the 3.
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    the vote on which console will win is fairly even (on this GC forum), so it doesnt show the GC havin an advantage on the others, ther r loads of people on here who wud probs r8 all of them. And how the fuk do u no wat ages they r.

    Newayz u will probs find the kind of people on DF wud chek out which console is the best for themselves b4 walkin in and buying it based on its looks.
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    @way2gud4u - i got the X-Box, PS2 and GameCube - personally i think the PS2 is a pile of $hit, the X-Box is good (because of the homebrew and the fact i can compile 3 or 4 games per DVD) but my favorite is the GameCube - the price and the games rock!!!
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    maybe they just make games that they like and hope other people like them.

    Thats the best way.

    Mario , Zelda etc may appear cartoonish but its that simplicity on the surface that makes it playable by children but as soon as you scratch the surface you realise that there's so much intricacy and polish to the games its makes them brilliant and gfx become irrelevant.

    Hard edge, chrome style future Mario would look wrong.
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    like i said people on DF can appreciate it better, i've got a Cube and i no thers good games but if marketing wasn't important no1 wud advertise and we wudnt hav VHS.
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    'its not aimed at kids like people think it is, its targeted on "fun", kids games r things like un-succesful monsters inc games and such...' quote from Gavin M.

    if people understand their marketing this way then their marketing is good, and maybe my interpretation of it is wrong.