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    Default I keep eating sweets - HELP!

    I've always been overweight and have yo yo'd between 16st - 18.5 st and am fed up with it.

    I have now joined living-well. I go virtually every morning now and I want to keep going, I do the gym every other day and swimming every day but the problem is I do ebay for a living so I work at home which means that I have food in the house, when I go to the post office to post my sales there is chocolate everywhere and I pass a bakery on the way back from the gym.

    I keep buying the stuff, I had six bars of chocolate yesterday!

    I'm 6ft and am very well proportioned for the weight, I've got a good muscle base and my weight is spread very evenly, ( I don't have a great big gut for example ) I also take reductil diet pills and they do help a lot to put me off my food and they are much better than the phentermine/amphetemine based ones. They work by increasing the levels of seretonin ( similar to prozac ) and also the levels of noradrenaline.
    I still have this uncrontrollable urge to eat donuts, chocolate etc and I don't know how to take control of my sweet tooth!

    Also I want to burn the fat in the gym but don't know what is best!

    If anyone can advise.............


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    i got ProLean 2 m8 - it really does put you off eating sweet things - i got it from - 2 pills twice a day - works a treat
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    How about trying a low fat chocolate milkshake everyday. Drink it on way to PO to stop the urge of buying more chocs and sweets.
    And empty your house of junk food, and stick with the healthy stuff like bread (make beans on toast, lol), noodles and alike. I personally did the same as you at home food wise, and found this worked well. Though, I was never overweight, just slightly too big for my likely. I'm now becoming really skinny (everyone elses' opinion not mine) cos I stopped weight training.


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