Pc Crashing After 2 Hours

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    fitzy said:

    Pc Crashing After 2 Hours

    Can anyone help please.
    After 2 hours on line i get cut off''then my pc crashes every time
    the only way i can get my pc back on is to switch it off by the
    mains.i dont no if its to do with my pc or the dial-up.i' with bt and
    btow witch i'v only just gone on..the thing is it was ok on pay as
    you go with bt.Do dont no to give them a bell.i dont no what else
    to do.Thanks lads.
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    heh !! had the same prob except my died every 10mins... ok listen heres a thing u gotta consider... if urrr usin a internal modem... get rid of it and get a new one... preferably external...

    it may be that urr mobo dont like that modem u got slapped in there
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    Before you start "binning" anything you need to look at some other alternative reasons this may be happening. External modems are often better than internal ones but that isn't always the case. By all means test another modem in it if you can (if you have a Staples handy you can try it and return it you still have the same problem) but you also need to look at if you've installed any new software that may be causing it - including anythig provided to you by BT.

    By far the majority of problems like this are software based - not hardware and as you say in your post your modem worked fine with another service - if that's the case then it isn't likely to be your modem hardware that's at fault

    It may also be a driver issue - try to get the most upto date ones for your modem ad see if that helps

    Hope you get it sorted.

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