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    I would like to apologise to the DF staff for the latest little outburst in the introduce yourself forum and would like to set the record straight. The feud is not personal between me and Shanghai, the reason we have banned him is that he has reported Digital Update to their host and vbulletin for supposedly hosting warez in a cheap attempt to close them down, I was merely trying to inform DF to get shot of him in case he tries to do the same, AndyMan of DU can confirm the user name and email address he used to get on and cause havoc. Once again I am sorry for the trouble and was only trying to warn other members.
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    Id like to thank Gandalf1 for his help with this problem, and hopefully we will get it resolved....
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    I just wanna add my support Andy and I hope everything is sorted out as quickly as possible

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    at least you are a big enough man to apologise, i'm sure i speak for all the df team when i say apology accepted.

    To be quite honest, if tef supports you then i must, as i would most certainly trust his judgement on most things.