Redirecting a CGI form? How!

Thread: Redirecting a CGI form? How!

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    Default Redirecting a CGI form? How!

    Hi people I've got a problem redirecting a form on a HTML page, I've tried the…

    <input type="hidden" name="redirect2" value="mypage.html">

    The form is calling to a cgi script…

    <form action="mypage.cgi?tasks" method="post" name="_form" onsubmit="return staffSelect(this)">

    How can I stop the form from redirecting on Submit to the default area?

    Any help welcome!

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    I dont know if you have sorted your problem out with the redirection when you press submit, but if not, i would need more information from you about this, for example when you press submit, it is going to be redirect to a cgi-bin script, this is normal, now if you have a cgi-bin script, at the begining of the form that submit is in you would put the full URL of the cgi-bin script like:

    <FORM name=f action= method=post>

    Do you understand what i am saying ?
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    Hi Paul, yes I managed to get the problem sorted. A friend of mind in the US sorted it for me - I'm not sure how he did it?

    Thanks Anyway Mate,