Keith Wyness Stupid F*cker

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    Nookie_Bear said:

    Default Keith Wyness Stupid F*cker

    He's made the club do some ****ing stupid things in his time but doing away with proper segregation at a time when relations between Rangers and Aberdeen are almost as bad as when Simmie was playing......

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    D 1 said:


    Thats just asking for trouble IMO Nookie.

    I guarantee that the ICF and the Dons casuals will create a riot if this non segregation idea happens.
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    Woops said:


    Everything about AFC stinks just now. Just look at the farce surrounding the Kingswells Stadium. I can't wait to see who else becomes implicated in the vote rigging scandal once Counciler Maitland starts to spill to the police. My bet is a certain local property magnet and perhaps some of the AFC Board are sh1ttin' bricks at this very moment !!