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    I was thinking of buying a Cube when the prices drop again (100 hopefully) but I am a bit put off by some things and I wanted peoples opinions - please no "buy a cube its the best!!!" type of thing, I want facts if possible. I have a Xbox already so the cube is going to have to work hard to get into my living room and I wanted to get a couple 0f things straight.

    1. There is currently no way to Mod the Cube - True ?

    2. The discs are small DVD type of thing - Can these by burned in a DVD burner (even if they cant be played yet) if not then what can create them ?

    3. What is the linkup abilitys of the Cube ? I play a lot of 6-8 player Halo with 4 xboxs and a hub, how many can be linked with the cube - what do you need etc ?

    4. final and most important - games.
    I am a FPS fan, I like DOA3, I like Res Evil - sports/driving games/Puzzle/Platform games leave me cold.

    What has the cube to offer - Best FPS, Best Fighting game, Best Res Evil game. (res evil I suppose! LOL)

    Phew! Alot of questions but I dont want a repeat of the N64, which I didnt really use that much. I like the look of the Star wars game but I cant buy a console for 1 game esp if I cant "backup" the crapper games that I dont want to pay 40 quid for.

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    1) there is currently no way to mod the cube

    2) standard DVD burners should be able to burn Mini-DVD when the images are eventually created

    3) the modem and broadband adaptor will be released this year i think

    4) All the future Resident Evil games are coming out exclusively on the cube - thats what made me buy mine - the new final fantay is also coming to the cube

    my opinion m8 is get one - the graphics are suberb and they totally pi$$ on the x-box and definetely the PS2 in my opinion

    hope that helps,
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    if ya interested fe_man2000 ive got 1 for sale
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    Thanks guys

    How much for the cube Sean ?

    One thing you didnt mention mystical, is the linkup abilitys - I dont mean the online gaming - I ment Direct playing against my mates. 8 way Halo with 4 xboxs is a big deal to us and the PS2's direct link was a load of crap. Can the Cube beat the PS2 in this repected or is it strictly 2 cubes only.

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    And the best FPS and Fighter.
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    i dont know about that yet m8 - i dont think they have released solid details - however i would imagine that the multi-player would be quite good when it gets going - they seem to have put alot of thought into the cube so far and i cant see them ruining it with bad online capabilities
    You know he grew up as a little shitspark from the old shitflint and then he turned into a shitbonfire and driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance he turned into a raging shitfirestorm. If I get to be married to Barb I'll have total control of Sunnyvale and then I can unleash the shitnami tidal wave that will engulf Ricky and extinguish his shitflames forever. And with any luck he'll drown in the undershit of that wave. Shitwaves.
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    i wont comment too much on this as i've given so many details in the past on this subject.

    i have 2 cubes and 2 xboxes, the xboxes dont get a look in it realy is that simple.

    the freeloader/ar (when they finaly appear) will allow you to play import titles on your cube so that gives you a few more titles to chose from.

    the first superb 3d shooter will be timesplitters 2 on the cube (cube first) in a couple of weeks, its superb and very like goldeneye on the n64 also look out for the cube exclusive metroid prime later this year, for fighters at the moment its pretty crappy i'm afraid, bloody roar wasn't too bad, capcom vs snk eo plays well (very customiseable) but looks like shit i'm afraid (in fact its the opposite of doa3 which looks superb and plays like shit)if you like res evil type games you should also enjoy eternal darkness : sanitys requiem which is pretty twisted too

    for multiplayer gaming, well, obviously you have 4 joystick ports but it doesnt end there, you can use your gba as a controller for some games, even moving the game from the cube to the gba and back. online gaming is just starting with phantasy star online there is a bastardised controller/keyboard thing for online gaming which is an optional extra, the 56k modem unit is now availabvle in japan and is coming to the west in the next few months, the broardband adaptor will arrive 6 weeks later (cost around 30 each) the bb adaptor should allow multi console gaming, but i'm honestly not sure about this yet.

    this was datels comment on the 3 consoles in july of this year
    Let Battle Commence!

    The launch of the Game Cube in May meant the last of the current generation of consoles has hit the shelves. So with Xbox, Playstation 2 and the GC fighting it out, which is the best? We tasked Simon to find out...

    Okay, let's get the rules clear from the off. You've read articles in format-specific magazines before, arguing over which is the best console, only to get a skewed answer pointing you towards the name that's invariably on the front of the magazine. Not here. We're the first to admit that all three of the big consoles on the marketplace have their pros and cons, and this will be an objective look at them all.

    The Hardware

    So we kick off with Microsoft's beast of a machine, easily the largest (in terms of physical size) of the next gen units, unsurprising being as it's effectively a PC in a box. It has plenty going for it too, not least the hundreds of millions of pounds being invested in the project by software giants Microsoft, who no doubt keep the fires stoked in their lavish headquarters by shoving another bundle of tenners on the flames.

    On paper, there's little doubt that the Xbox is the most powerful of the three machines in terms of sheer processing power. It boasts an Intel 733MHz processor at its core, which does give it more sheer horsepower than its competitors (although PC owners will happily reveal that Intel chips generally don't compare well to their AMD rivals). Furthermore, the package is then enhanced with a 300MHz GPU from Nvidia to give the graphics that extra kick. And then, sadly, the whole package is lumbered with a price tag that puts it out of the range of most gamesplayers.

    Then there's the Playstation 2, which is the out and out favourite to win the hardware wars in terms of sheer sales (as confirmed by every piece of research into the console battle). Clearly the Playstation brand has a very obvious advantage, although to be fair the PS2 is no mean piece of kit. Much has been made of its Emotion Engine of course, and it's customising like this that helps Sony get so much out of it. On paper, it looks barely able to compete with an entry level bog standard PC, but the performance developers have been getting out of it is ample demonstration of the targeted, capable specifications inside the box.

    Finally, there's the Cube. Nintendo have been very up front with the fact that their machine is for games, pure and simple. As such, some of the power needed to drive the likes of DVD playback simply isn't needed, so Nintendo has put together a specification entirely intended to get the very most out of games. As you'd expect for a machine half the price, the hardware isn't up to the standards of the Xbox in terms of numbers, but with core processing power just short of 500MHz, it's more powerful than the PS2 in that respect, as well as being more targeted to developers than the Xbox in terms of its overall spec. Plus it's a very compact unit that doesn't need much space in your home.

    The Software

    And this is where the might of Nintendo really kicks in. Since the early 80s and arguably before that, one thing you cannot fault Nintendo on is the quality of the software they develop. Out of the three companies challenging for the console crown, they are the only ones who have an active history in games development, generating key franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda along the way. In the past, and particularly with the N64, they've been criticised for not making sure enough software is out there on the market, but the more simplified and straightforward development and licensing for the Game Cube means that isn't going to be a problem this time round. As with the other machines, all the key developers are looking towards Game Cube, and the launch line up in the UK will feature over fifteen titles, including Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Leader and the usual multi-format titles such as Crazy Taxi.

    In terms of Game Cube exclusives, this is where Nintendo come into their own. Their chief early coup was to persuade Capcom to make the Resident Evil series GC only, and if the upcoming movie is any good (which we doubt), it could prove to be an even more timely deal. Yet Nintendo generate enough exclusives of their own anyway, and we can look forward over time to the likes of Mario GC, Mario Kart GC, Zelda GC perhaps even a return for Pilot Wings, and certainly a Pokemon outing. Make no mistake, Nintendo know the value of games exclusive to one format, and the benefit of being a developer themselves is that they've got all the expertise required to make them.

    Microsoft, however, are attacking from a standing start, and whilst the capture of the Abe series of games as Xbox exclusives was no bad thing, it's hardly a mascot with the gravity of Sonic or Mario. Nonetheless, the processing power allows the Xbox at the moment to bring previously-computer only titles over to their machine, and thus Championship Manager is a substantial launch day title. Halo is the game that's rightly been winning the plaudits though, and whilst it's definitely being published on the PC too, it's unclear at this stage as to whether any other machine will benefit. For the most part, Microsoft - as Sony once were - are entirely in the hands of third party developers for their killer apps though, which is a risky strategy.

    Sony found that out with the launch of the Playstation 2 after all, as a series of mediocre and unspectacular titles littered the first year of the console's life. Mind you, Sony then pulled out their trump card, Gran Turismo 3, and this was quickly followed by excellent games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, Time Crisis 2, Grand Theft Auto 3 and Metal Gear Solid 2. The one thing in Sony's favour, which they make the most of, is that as their machine is the most commercially successful, it will attract a greater quantity of games than its rivals, and finally the quality of some of the output has improved to the point where true gamers can embrace the PS2. In the coming months, titles such as The Getaway, Final Fantasy X and even quirky titles such as Parappa The Rapper 2 should keep PS2 owners happy.

    Other Considerations

    For every console, you need to consider the basic add-ons. Firstly, with the PS2 if you're looking to play with more than two people, you need to get yourself a multi-tap. It's piss-poor from Sony that with more and more games offering solid split screen multiplayer gaming, they released a console that only had two joypad ports, if only to flog a few multitap devices and make a few more shekels. Don't forget too that if you follow the PS2 route, you're looking at another thirty notes for a memory card as well if you want to save your games. Mind you, for twenty quid, Datel's DVD Region X product means the machine can playback DVDs from across the globe, and that's no bad thing.

    With the Xbox, and this is no exaggeration, you need to consider the physical space to store the unit. Make no mistake, this is no small machine. There's also the consideration that it'll cost nearly double the competition, and this is the one machine that's not yet conquered Japan, arguably the key market for gaming as that's where so many killer apps are developed. Nintendo and Sony already have their feet well under the table in the Japanese market, but as Sega found to their cost, if you don't win over the Eastern market, it's hard to win over the world. The Microsoft brand name is clearly a stumbling block to some as well, associating the company more with making nice spreadsheet programs than cutting edge games.

    Those of you who own Game Boy Advances, and we know there are plenty of you, would do well to consider the link up options with the Game Cube too. Nintendo have been quite savvy about this, letting you use a GBA as a controller for the GC, and effectively letting you link up your two pieces of hardware to get more out of both systems. Oh, and don't forget the GC comes in different colours too!

    So Which One Then?

    At this stage, until we're more sure about its user base and until the price comes down to something more competitive, we're giving the Xbox a miss. Despite the awesome Halo, the machine is a little too rich for our tastes, and we're not surprised that industry pundits expect it to finish in third place across Europe. It's a good machine, don't get us wrong. We're just adopting a wait and see approach.

    As for the PS2 and the GC, well that's a much tighter call. What swings us over to Nintendo in the end is the ultimate factor that sells a console - although Sega would be inclined to disagree - and that's the software. Nintendo's pedigree for producing cracking game after cracking game is virtually unrivalled, and we simply can't bear the thought of missing out on next-gen versions of Star Fox, Super Mario, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. What we're impressed about with the GC is the broad spectrum of titles - Nintendo has previously been accused of following a strictly family route for their games, which generates the numbers but can isolate the blood thirsty hard core gamer. That's why the signing of Resident Evil was such a turning point, and Nintendo have been keen to point out that this is a console for everyone. We could well agree.

    Whichever console you choose, there's never been a better time to be a gamer. Big companies are fighting harder and harder for your pound, and to win it, they're going to have to raise their game and be that bit more competitive with their pricing. Having seen the release lists for the next year and beyond for all the key gaming machines, we can't be the only ones wanting to book a year or two off from work.
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    hope that helps

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    Thanks for that ABCman. I am very tempted by the "res evil style" of games that I have seen for the Cube on the internet. Nintendo have tradionally not had a good rep for this in the past but these new titles look excellent.

    Shame about the link up stuff, but hey that OK timesplitters 2 is on Xbox too at some point. How come you dont get on with the Xbox mate ? Halo not your thing ? (and why do you have 2 of them then ? )