im after a few nokia fones that r faulty, i dont wanna pay shed loads ov money cause all i really want them 4 r playin with.
i want 2 change leds etc on my fone but want 2 see if my hand is steady enuff etc 1st. im hopin sum1 sumwere will av sum that they may donate 2 me(but i think im gonna av 2 pay 4 em:bleh: )
so if ne1 has sum mobiles that r busted they wanna donate plz pm me with wot uve got n wot u want 4 em.

b4 ne1 asks this is a serious post, i just dont wanna bust shed loads ov fones just 4 my own enjoyment.

also has ne1 got a spare nokia t6 screwdriver i can buy???? (i dont want links 2 sites cause my credit cards r maxed out)