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    Right, I rebuilt my V6 PS2 (don't ask why) and made sure all wires and ribbons were inserted correctly. The problem I have is that it doesn't read any type of DVD (game or video, pressed and DVD-r) but it will boot CD's fine. Does anyone have any ideas?

    It isn't chipped at the mo if that helps as well...

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    y did u rebuild urr ps2 in the 1st place ?
    laser maybe fkd get a new one
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    well, some1 told me b4 that, if u install a V5 laser into a V3 ps2, u wont b able to boot anything a part from Originals and cdr. dvd wont work.

    so maybe, u've got the wrong laser for ur ps2 version
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    Originally posted by Goku4ever maybe, u've got the wrong laser for ur ps2 version
    That would be difficult because the v6 laser is iffeent from the rest (pinouts)
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    Well m8 it could be several things, (1 the laser. you have a new laser for a old board. (2 Check your laser head, you might of scratched it. (3 Lose cables. basicaly Re-build it and check everything.
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    Cheers people, Looks like I will be rebuilding it again tonight.

    For the record all the pieces are original and from a V6 PAL PS2.