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    hi guys

    i have had a ps2 since they came out so i have one of the older models i believe its a v3 pal console. Basically its buggered. my first problems came a few months back when sold neomacrovision removal chips. I in my wisdom got one and managed to fit it with no probs.(i have fitted chips before and have soldering experience). I then to my delight not only lost macrovision but the whole dvd playback all together. I was told i had burned out a capacitor on the board by fine ok but i never got it fixed cos ive got the pc for dvds.two days ago i decided to fit my neo 2.2 back in my console (i dont know why really). i turned on ps2 and it was acting strange with the dvd tray popping out and not going back in. i took out mod rebuilt my ps2 and now i have not picture.

    no picture well what the hell good is that i ask. i still know the console works i can here it load and make the normal sounds. i have some how damaged the bit that sends out video signal and sound.

    ok so what do i need to fix this guys (a new ps2?)
    is it sumit simple such as a capacitor again like the dvd function i lost?

    please any help appreciated thanx

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    check points 5 & 6
    you may have a short there.
    go over where you have soldered. you may have a fine solder short. best get a little magnifying glass.
    ive had this b4 and it was down to a short.