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    Hotels in New York

    Any of you lot, suggest a hotel to stay to stay in, It's a surprise trip for "the ball and chain's" 30th b/day and the cheapest I can find is around $180 per night or the Hilton for $360 a night!!!!!!
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    hotel17 cheap very
    Have Fun.

    U.N.C.L.E. X

    More UNCLEX than last week but less next :woot:
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    New York Helmsley on E42nd Street. Was about $175 a night if memory serves me correctly, near the United Nations. Depends on what facilities you want
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    Synathesia said:


    Try the Millenium Broadway right near Times Square you can get a good deal out of them.
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    Vanderbilt, near the Empire state is cheap, technically its a yha, but you get your own room with tv, none of this slummin lark, although you do have to share a bathroom and shower.

    But hey you'll be sightseeing and eating out so who cares, did i mention it was cheap
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    Make a reservation on line.

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    fe_man2000 said:


    Days hotel - near Times square.

    We started out in a Hostel for $50 a night and it was ****. The Days (or possibly - The Days Inn) was $150 for a double and was great. No shared bathrooms and you can book online, walking distance to Times square