Xbox Media PLayer And XStream B6 FINAL

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    Default Xbox Media PLayer And XStream B6 FINAL

    "What's new:
    Improved support for DVD-R/W, CD-RW playback.

    Seeking for AVI files. With the analog buttons you
    can control how fast you seek.

    Divx 5.0 and 5.02 Pro support. This includes B frames
    and qpel motion compensation.

    MSMpeg4v2 and MSMpeg4v1 support.

    Skin parameters are in a new and separate .xml file.
    This will make dropping in new skins much easier.

    Network configurable via .xml config files. This
    includes static IP/EVOX/DHCP support.

    Anamorphic aspect ratio buf fix (16:9).

    Subtitles. We only support SubRip .srt format right
    now. There are conversion tools out there, though.

    Local and Remote Directories supported.

    DVD tray auto-eject/close.

    New MMX/SSE optimized motion compensation routines. For
    the curious, its a combined IDCT and MC copy/add. Several
    codecs have support for this opimized function but I
    believe we're the first to implement it in MMX/SSE.

    Launch XBEs.

    Dashboard replacement mode.

    AVI Preemphasis support added. Previously, AVI files
    with preemphasis would play out of sync.

    XStream Web Front-end.

    What didn't get finished:
    Mpeg-2 video. Its mostly all done it just isn't stable yet.
    There's already talk of a B6.1 though just for Mpeg-2.

    AC3 digital output.

    MPEG seeking.

    Known bugs:
    There is a bug where audio will turn off during seeking.
    It is an inconvenience. To work around the bug do another
    seek and it will come back on.

    Also there is a chance that the program can hang during
    seeking. It takes a lot of seeking for me to dup the bug.
    I usually have to seek all over an hour long movie to get
    it to show up. The only thing to do is to reboot the xbox.

    There have been some problems with the xbox hanging at the
    end of a movie. We've seen this mostly with mpeg1 clips.
    It only occurs occasionally.

    Of course, we're working on these bugs and hope to resolve
    them soon."
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    I will try it once my kids stop playing Halo! Doesn't look like it supports the remote though which interested me. Also the dash does not compare to Evo-X
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    I having the same problem just hangs on bootup. I try it on a dvd-rw which I used before on b5 and had no problems
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    I have it working fine ... infact the new Virtual directories are brilliant. Only problem is that its not as stable as B5 was ... Alot of files that B5 played fine, just wont play now in B6
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    Works for me too. The extra features are great. The ability to stretch the screen and the on the fly directory changing is excellent as is the DivX5.

    Yes, stability is a slight problem, but hey, its free, roll on the next version. I just installed Version 5 and Version 6 on my HD together, so if V6 won't play, I load V5.

    Looking forward to SVCD and 5.1 support
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    Works fine with the new version of relax - no more FTPing filez over to my xbox now :-)
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    You guys don't happen to have a fast link to a place to download this by chance? I would appreciate it.

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    Can someone confirm/deny whether or not this does support the XBOX remote?
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