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    Attention PLEASE READ - Section Rules

    Xbox Live Codes

    • You are not allowed to make requests for someone to either sell you a modified unit or provide that service for you this includes Jtag, you can however request help, advice and information for any DIY project you may be carrying out this does not include the linking to or posting of any files that breach others intellectual property
    • DO NOT post direct links to downloadable .nzb files, Rapidshare, Megashare or any other links to material that breaches others intellectual property in this section this also includes links to links.
    • The posting of download titles/nfo is no longer allowed in this section, we are aware there is nothing illegal in doing this but it is creating a mass of DMCA take down notices sent to DF every time this is done and causing a mass of extra work for Admin.

    Ongoing and will be edited to add in all the section rules
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