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    My ps2 has begun refusing to play my backups on dvdr. When I do a certain swaptrick with my big TOC game, it just makes a sound like ... "I don't care, I'm not reading that dvdr". Then I get the RED SCREEN OF DEATH.

    I have had all the extra equipment in my ps2 checked, and it should work flawlessly. My ps2 boots everything except dvdr backups. I have tried fumbling with the white cog and the small screw to the left of the laser, but no luck. They are now back in default position.

    A relative of mine is an electronics guru, and I'm hoping that he would be able to calibrate the laser using the pots. I have read in this forum that touching the pots is a no-no. What if you are an experiented technician? Wouldn't that qualify you as good enough to try out the pots? What effect would the pots handling give?

    Sould I buy a new laser, and if I do that am I supposed to calibrated it or do you just plug it in? I tought about buying a different kind of accessori for the ps2. You know the kind that would boot a dvdr with no probs. Perhabs the laser will try harder to find the dvdr backup that way, like when it's searching for a cdr backup or and original dvd movies and games.

    The PS2 is a UK PAL SCHP 30003 V4.

    Thank you
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    This link might help you on recalibration.

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    Chances are that a replacement laser will need recalibration anyway. The section in which the thread lies also tells you how to replace the laser unit.
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    nahh, if you buy a new laser
    all you have to do is remove the solder from the 2 sets of pads.
    it should be set-up to the correct default values.
    ive fitted may a laser and they work first time .
    easy on the ps2
    3 little screws and the ribbon.