Best Player Ever and Most Skillfull Player you have seen

Thread: Best Player Ever and Most Skillfull Player you have seen

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    D 1 said:

    Default Best Player Ever and Most Skillfull Player you have seen

    It would be interesting to know who the best player and most skillful player you have seen play are

    Here my 2

    Best Player = Diego Maradona
    Most Skillful Player I have seen = Paulo Di Canio with David Trezuguet a close 2nd.
    Anyone else care to add theirs?
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    D 1 said:


    Just to add I thought that since the majority of DF members are under 40 it would be someone other than Pele who would get the best player vote so thats why I asked
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    Tattooed Freak said:


    Best Player: Billy Bremner. (Played his cock off every game, never seen such a commited player. Landed a good right hand too -

    Most Skillfull player I have ever scene: Johan Cruyff (Was the man, the Cruyff turn is quality when execeuted)
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    whitesteel said:


    Best player: Paulo Rossi did the business against the best team I have ever seen play (Brazil world Cup side 1982)

    Most Skillful: Diego Maradonna, no one before or since (probably ever) has been able to do what he could with a football.
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    CzarJunkie said:


    Best Player: Ian Snodin
    Most Skillful: John Sheridan
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    lampshade said:


    Best Player: George Best (broke my heart to type that)
    Most skillfull player I have ever seen: Hmmm, No I honestly cant say who
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    MartyUK said:


    Best Player: Juninho
    Most Skillfull: Juninho

    from a biased Boro fan
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    PSXRing said:


    Most Skillful Player I`ve Seen: Roy Keane

    Why? Because getting sent of against Sunderland gives him a higher profile (albeit not for the right reasons), which will increase his book sales big time.

    It was likely that he is going to get match suspensions from the FA, and will undergo an operation..... so why not settle things with Jason McAteer.

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    redarmy said:


    Quite good for you that one.

    Skillfull Eric Cantona
    Best Brian Robson..................................
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    honestDave said:


    Best Player = Diego Armando Maradona
    That I've seen = Juan Sebastian Veron
  11. honestDave's Avatar

    honestDave said:


    and if not Veron, then Zinedine Zidane
  12. Tafsir's Avatar

    Tafsir said:


    it would have to be Maradona on both
    the guy was on a different planet then the rest
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    gunner said:


    Originally posted by lampshade
    Best Player: George Best
    - Is that a pun lol?

    The best player ever has to be Diego Maradona.

    But the best player I have ever seen live (though it kills me to say it) is Cantona.
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    beekae said:
    That ive seen;
    Best Player=Diego Maradona
    Most Skillful=Jimmy Johnstone(get the video)
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    D 1 said:


    Originally posted by beekae

    Most Skillful=Jimmy Johnstone(get the video)
    I was too young to see Jinky in the flesh but I have the video.
    Without a doubt he was a very skillful player.
  16. baggy13's Avatar

    baggy13 said:


    old enough to remember bestie what a player and very skillfull but i can't understand why nobody has mentioned *****
  17. BoredManc's Avatar

    BoredManc said:


    Best Player - Me...........Ok, Ok Marradonna was pretty good too as was Marco Van Basten.

    Most Skillful - You Celtic Bhoys sould know a pole called Dariuz Dzienowski. What "Jaki" couldnt do with a ball isnt worth doing.
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    D 1 said:


    That one suprises me BoredManc.

    Jaki was skillful but I didnt think that he was that good tbh.

    Thats what footballs all about tho - opinions
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    sbaxter9 said:


    best player ive seen play has got to be kenny daglish (king kenny)

    most skillful i dont like to say it but yes maradona
  20. defied's Avatar

    defied said:


    - Sir stanley mathews(well, never seen him live but seen the clips)
    - Eric Cantona (he was god- met him at old trafford, he signed my shirt for me) - He was pretty cool too.

    I went to Match of the day live and met Robbie Earl and Alan Shearer. There was a n64 ISS penaulty shootout and pld against robbie. Gave me some free ISS deluxe posters n stuff.

    4 best players ever imo