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    Hi guys,

    Im not sure if Im having a problem with my modem or not. I have a zoom USB ADSL modem. I have just installed the software and plugged it in but the red light is not turning on. Its make a high pitch noise so I know it is going. The button on the front does nothing for me at all.

    Im not sure whether my modem is broke or whether it is the fact that the modem is not plugged into the phone socket. My ADSL line is not going to be ready for another 2 weeks so I dont know whether it is broken, or if the power light doesnt come up if it doesnt connect an ADSL line.

    Does your modem power up ok without being plugged into the phone jack.

    Your help is appreciated.
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    Is this a replacement modem? if it is make sure you remove the old one from modems in the control panel...
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    This is my first ADSL modem. The only other modem I have installed is an internal 56k.