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    Default Research: Stretching to Warm Up before Exercise Waste of Time

    Physiotherapists of the U. of Australia in Sydney who have been studying the popular idea that stretching before exercise prevents injuries say that's just a myth. It's just a waste of time, they say.

    "We can say with a high degree of confidence that stretching does not prevent muscle soreness," says physiotherapist Rob Herbert. He adds that warm ups can lead to overstretching and muscle soreness. The only benefit of stretching is psychological.

    The stretching theory, popular in the 60s, spread the myth that stretching avoided muscle spasm in unused muscles. The theory is proved wrong. However, elderly people could still benefit from stretching, says Thomas Best, from the U. of Wisconsin.

    phew.. i never do any exercise anyway...think of all the time i saved lol :

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    Bonjour Marcode
    The soreness comes from the negative part of an exercise not stretching.
    As i see it the main benefit from stretching is that the longer and more flexible you make the fibers the better there ability to contract which in turn makes the muscle harder.
    I see people stretch all the way through their workout, which is a waste of time.

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