Millionaire soccer boss George Reynolds resorted to impersonating Tino Asprilla in a hilarious radio chat after the player broke a promise to be interviewed.

The Darlington Football club chairman put on a thick South American accent and made up nonsense words pretending he was speaking Spanish. He also pretended to be translating the conversation for listeners, despite not knowing a word of the language.

George said: “he’d promised to do an interview but when it was time he refused”. “He just said”, ‘I don’t have to keep my promise’.

“I couldn’t let the radio lad down, so I thought I would do it instead! I was standing on the terraces and pretending to be Asprilla.”

In the hilarious take on The Fast Shows Julio Geordio Character (believed to be inspired by Tino) George was coming out with streams of Spanish sounding nonsense.

“There were some kids standing behind me wondering what on earth was going on.” The Darlington chairman later said.

Article originally appeared in the Sunday Sun

By the sounds of it Reynolds should of know what he was letting himself in for.