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    due 2 being ****ed over by a "m8" with a 6210 (turned out 2 b stolen) im in need ov a half decent mobile(not 3210 or 3310) im lookin 2 pay bout 60-70 but may pay more if its the rite fone. not bothered about box all i want is a workin fone with a charger. id prefer if it was unlocked 2 all networks but if not i would take sumthin that is on o2 or 1-2-1(t-mobile).

    sum1 plz give me a gud deal as i need a fone asap


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    t-mobile stores are flogging off brand new 5510's at 99 (rrp 230) with a 20 payt sim in them, get it unlocked at bowlers for 5-10

    for your ton you get a phone, a fm radio and a mp3 player built in along with headphone adaptors, usb cables and everything else (inc hands free), so its not a bad deal, just looks a little weird.

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    cheers 4 that, im not 2 sure about it but its a gud price n the fone itself dont look 2 bad. dya av ne idea how long its gonna b on offer?
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    buy ma 8210 for 75