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    hi there just wondering if anyone had any of those old wwf wrestling figures, early ninties n around the 1996 mark, if you do have any could u give me a list especially if your willing to sell them. cheers
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    I don't ave any myself, i used to when i was younger, like Ultimate warrior, demolition & a few others... But there's a place where i live in ROMFORD, they sell shit loads, nearly everyone that you can get apparently, but you live in middlesbrough, so you'd ave to make a long journey down mate!!!
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    Connor, there must be somewhere in the Hill Street Centre or Doggy Market thats sells them!
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    if mystic gohan ever gets back on here, try asking him, he works in a place that sells these things old and new.

    Sadly he got married and seems to have forgotton how to use a pc online