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    i bought a brand new 8910 a couple of days back (the new black titanium one) but battery life seems to be around 24 hours and it keeps turning itself off, is this a known fault or have i just got a duff one (to take back).

    Anyone else had any experience with this? i'm going to try a spare battery just to make sure its not just a knackered battery.
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    My mate has one and hasn't had such a fault with it. If you got the battery with the phone, it'll be new - in which case, you'd need to charge it up for atleast 12 hours the first time. Did you do this? If the battery is old, it may just be faulty.
    Lucky git, I still haven't played with the 8910. How about you sell it me as faulty? lol

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    yeah i know the routine on battery charging, it was supposed to be new with the phone anyway i'm trying it with the battery from my 8250 and it seems to be ok, however i shoved the battery out of this into my 7650 and its not shut down on that one so i'm still unsure.

    I've contacted the phone shop i got it from and they are getting a replacement unit in tomorrow as i'm not happy with this (and i'm a pretty good customer of theirs)

    if you are coming to blackers you can have a play there if you want