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    Default PS2 and DVD's problem

    This is a strange one.

    When i play some DVD's it comes up with the parental lock warning but whatever pin number i put in it says it wrong.

    I have tried all the usual ones . 0123, 1234, etc and the one that is in the PS2 manual but none work.

    The strange thing is though it only does in on some DVD's.


    The warning comes on with Happy Gillmore (PG or 15)

    but not Blade (18)

    I cannot disable it in the setup cos you need to put the pin number in.

    Any Ideas anyone.
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    PuRpLeRoNnIe said:


    My mate had this problem. I can't remember exactly how he got round it though!! I think he phoned the helpline. (I think but i will double check and get back to you).
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    yankee said:


    push select then 7444 and it will delete the password and u can but in a new one. it did it on mine for a while too :S. Dont no y tho
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    Mr_Flash said:


    Tried that but it's still not having it.

    It just says incorrect pin.

    any other ideas