Ferguson must stop protecting

Thread: Ferguson must stop protecting

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    baronvon said:

    Default Ferguson must stop protecting

    Serious conversation not just Manc bashing.

    Dont you think its about time Ferguson stops protecting Keane, cant beleive hes saying Keanes elbow wasnt a red.

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    gunner said:


    There is talk that Fergescum might fine Keane 200,000!! Could this be then end of Keane???

    (We can hope).
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    baronvon said:


    Even a fine of 200k isnt enuff. I think the only way to hurt footballers is either by dropping them or banning them. The cash factor went along time ago, think about it Keane would have to do probably a few interviews and endorse a thing or two and he`ll have his cash back.

    I think a 10 game ban is the kick up the arse he needs.

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    BoredManc said:

    Default Re: Ferguson must stop protecting

    Originally posted by baronvon
    Serious conversation not just Manc bashing.
    B0llocks : :

    Every Manager protects his players, Arsenr Wenger has made a carear, and his name out of it. Fergie Didnt Bomb out Eric when he kicked that cockney pillock at Palace and he wont do shit about Keano.

    "oh Keano's ****ing magic"
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    baronvon said:


    Boredmanc if I was manc bashing I`d just be going on about "this is the end" etc etc

    All I`m saying is that Fergusons denial of what happened on The Premiership on sat night was wrong.
    To try and say it wasnt anything (in my opinion) was wrong.

    Wenger just avoids the hassle by saying (In my best Parker accent) "I didnt see it"

    I think Ferguson would gain alot more respect by saying

    "yep, it was wrong and I`m going to sort it out"

    Doesnt have to give details but just admits Keane was in the wrong.

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    xdam said:


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    baronvon said:


    nice link, I rest my case even tho at the end of it he says
    Ferguson does not believe, however, that Keane's foul was the worst of its kind.

    "I still think it was petty rather than grievous," he added. "

  8. MajorFU's Avatar

    MajorFU said:


    come on guys its wasnt that bad

    sure he made contact and deserves whatever he gets but when compared to vierra's boot on Dacourts throut yes it does seem more petty than grevious

    and i have seen alot worse elbows than that in the prem
  9. ibobsy's Avatar

    ibobsy said:


    Or Shearer's kick in Lennon's face and look what happened to Shearer, got off scotfree.Keane' elbow was a sending off offence and he will serve his 3 match ban,punishment enuff,his team will suffer without his leadership and inspiration.Justice done!
  10. flick's Avatar

    flick said:


    Beckham kicked out and was sent off in a world cup game 4 years ago!

    I remember a lot of people (including some of the media) called for him to NEVER play football for that team again!

    How many people still stand by that now?

    Should that have been the end for beckham?

    Things blow over! Keano will stay!

    he may loose a few 000s in the process!

    and he'll get that much needed OP done in his "break" from the game.