a precise step by step on xbox media player 6

Thread: a precise step by step on xbox media player 6

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    herbinator said:

    a precise step by step on xbox media player 6

    Ive Wasted 5 dvdr so far i followed the steps below

    1) Unzip xbplayer onto your hard-disk, this will create a root directory with the xbplayer files.

    2) If you intend to play movies via the XStream Network Service, modify the config.xml so that the hostAddress matches your ip address as above (step 15). If you want to play movies from the XBPlayer CD then copy them into the Media\Video subdirectory.

    3) Launch Primo DVD (or any other software which supports the UDF Bridge file system).

    4) Go to the full application and use the File menu to start a new job, and create a data disc.

    5) Drag the contents of the root directory onto the empty file/folder list (window pane on the right)
    go to the Edit menu and choose Recording Options:

    all to no avail please help i put spiderman divx (2parts) and a tarzan and jane (900meg) files in the video folder so could some one tell me where im going wrong

    Select recording type: disk at once closed
    Select file system type: udf - up to 128 in filename length, any char., plus 8+3 tree (Bridge)
    Select Mode: mode 1
    Bitches aint shit!!
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    fe_man2000 said:


    First thing you are doing wrong is not using DVDRW's - they have saved me loads of DVDR's and even if you dont care about that too much, you can record a movie DVD with just a small movie file on it to test and save your self a lot of time burning until you get it right. That aside I have exactly the same problem Except I have edited the config XML file to read


    instead of E:\xbplayer\media\video cos I dont have the XBfolder on the DVD - makes sense to me- could be wrong ?!?!?

    The DVDRW's wont boot. They dont give me the dirty dick error, they simply hang on the Xbox logo.

    I cant see anything wrong with what you are doing mate, but then It doesnt work for me either. HELP!!

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    The Gab said:


    If you don't intend to play files over a network then you don't need the xbstream files. From what I can see you just want to play movies through your xbox? What I did was copy the files to my xbox hdd with a small movie (doomx), checked it worked ok then burnt to disc with a bigger movie.
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    fe_man2000 said:


    Yeah, I want to use the player and movies from a DVD only. What lines did you remove ? can you post your config XML.