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    Adam was sitting and moping around in the Garden of Eden and God asked "What is the matter Adam, I have given you everything a man could want, a fruitful Garden, beautiful scenery and all that you desire, why are you so sad?"
    “I’m just bored to be honest, is there nothing you can give me to keep my mind occupied?”
    “Well how about a Woman?”
    “Whats that?” said Adam.
    “Well she will catch, kill and cook your food for you, keep the garden in nice order, wash you, fetch things for you, do basically anything you ask and even have sex with you whenever you like” God replied
    “That’s sounds awesome! What will it cost me though??” said Adam
    “An arm and a leg” God said.

    “mmmmmmm, what do I get for a rib ???”
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    HOHOHO!!!! That's what happened!
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