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    gunner said:

    Default Drinking Games...?

    Anyone know any good drinking games as I am getting sick to death of the name game..?

    *for those who don't know the name game is where you have to say a famous persons name ie - Tony Blair, then the person next to you has to thing of a new name beginning with the first letter of the surname before ie, Bob Geldof - and so on. But what makes it a drinking game is you have to 'drink while you think'.
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    monsta said:


    Giz - take a big bowl, sit around it, all take out a can, empty half into a glass infront of you, the rest into the bowl. now what happens is you take it in turns to bounce a cork over the drinks. you should be sitting in a circle with the bowl in the middle surrounded by glasses. the cork must bounce infront of youre glass and over the bowl. if it lands in the bowl everyone has to down there drink (the half), the loser has to down the contents of the bowl, you then start again. if the cork lands in any players glass, they have to drink their glass, and get another can and fill up there glass and the bowl. now this is best played with 5+ people, if you have 10 people playing there will be 5 pints in the middle , you can only leave the game once youve drunk the bowl, but if ten people are playing and you win (ie didnt drink the bowl) you will still have downed at least 10 halfs.

    its a dangerous game to play with lightweights, but great fun
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    God is a DJ said:


    or just play a game of cards and whoever loses has to drink a pint of baileys and lime, eeeeee solidifys and alll

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    J@CKúL said:


    (posted by Cam as well)
    get a good drink like a pint vodka and orange
    then 1 person says 1 to my left and the person to the left says 2 and then to his left 3 and then till it gets to 7 and instead of 7 say buzz every thing with 7 in or muilyply of 7 and when it gets to a buzz u change the other way no pauses or u drink a pint of vodka and orange and u keep going till either no 1 can count or standin

    so 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63 70 and so on
    and 7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87 97

    u get the point?
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    GETanner said:


    Instead of using a cork, try a two pence piece.

    There is always 21.

    you start of by saying "to my left/right 1"
    The next goes 2, then 3 and so on.

    If you say two consecutive numbers, ie 5 6, the direction reverses.

    3 consecutive numbers, ie 8 9 10 and the next person is missed out.

    Once you reach 21, that person has to finish his/her drink and introduce a new rule. Like "skip 5", so the next round would be 1,2,3,4,6,7

    Once you reach 21, another change is added, such as numbers divisable by 3 is quack.

    Next round 1,2,quack,4,quack,7,8,quack

    Cricket, you do the hands signs for 4 and 6

    14, down your drink

    Each rule is added, the old rules stick, so for the above, you would have to say both quack and do the six hand signal.

    Any **** ups, you drink (we normally go for 4 fingers) and the round starts again.

    Combine rules with direction changes and you can get pissed real quick.

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    Mr.James said:


    1. All pour a vodka quadrouple into a bowl sit round it and jerk off into the bowl.
    Everyone drinks a quad when they finish.
    Last one to 'cross the line' drinks the bowl.......

    2. Get two packs of cards and shuffle together. Just deal them out eveyone who gets a Jack drinks a single, a two drinks a double and the ace of spades a quad.

    3. Get Pop-up pirate, every time you push a sword in put a cap full of vodka in a pint glass. Whoever pop's the pirate finishes the glass.

    4. Pub Golf - Designate 18 'holes' or pubs and pair up. 1 Pro (Pints & Doubles) and 1 Amateur (Halves and Singles) per pair. Each 'hole' has a 'par' or the number of sups you're supposed to take before your drink is finished. Tot up your scores on a scorecard and finish with an under/over par score. Winner is one with lowest score and their prize is free drinks from the other players in the 'club house' (Another designated pub/club for after hours drinking)

    Game 2 gets everyone pissed REAL quick and some poor bastard always seems to get picked on by the deck and ends up 'throwing up' drunk.

    Game 3 is best played when there's only a few of you.

    Game 4 gets boy/girl combos hammered real quick but the best bit is you get to play it while you're out. Only problem is that everyone always looses their score cards.

    I've never played game 1 but if anyone does tell us what it's like
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    baggy13 said:


    the buzz game is the same as fizzbuzz where 5 and multipul gets a fizz but keeps going the same direction untill you get to 35 fizzbuzz end
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    Yazmon said:


    If you want the job done try this...

    Get a shot glass (double), a pint\can of beer and a deck of cards. Now one person simply plays hi\lo through the deck, downing a shot of beer if they get it wrong.