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    Terry Turbo said:

    Default Austin Powers 25 Jackpot

    Anybody got any info or guides to this machine.

    I always seem to do well on it!! anyone else like this one?

    It gives you real hatred for Fat B*stard!!! LOL

    Any help?
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    stimpy said:


    Last time I played it, got to the board and it said 'groovy Baby', the woman on the bottom right flashed and the austin Logo on the top left of the board flashed.

    If this happens you won't die unless you so someting stupid, it keeps landing on skill stop, collect the 3 rings and bingo, 25 is yours min.

    Repeat chances are rare but not entirely uncommon.
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    Terry Turbo said:


    yeah I had the same thing too when it flashes. I must have been on the board about 20 mins - nearly collected 4 LOL. Finally got enough nudges for 25 squid repeat - did not know what else i could do?
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    gimp said:


    If you do get it to go red its worth trying to get on the feature squares as it will then give you super and mega features. I can't remember which one it is i think its "Austin Danger Powers" but take the top feature when mega is lit and you will usually get the repeat for 50-65. It goes sequentially through the wins on the top feature quite slowly so you can get the first 25 and the other 25 if it repeats and sometimes it will repeat again so you get the next highest which is 15.

    Tends to kill you on the third go every time if it doesn't want to pay