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    When Keane'o went to react to McAteers apalling takle at Sunderland on saturday I knew this picture would be all over the back page with "Mad Keane" and " Nutter Keane" headlines and well all knew all the sunhine football fans would see it and join the bandwaggon.

    So , Its just nice to see that the ref is getting a bollocking for getting hold of , and "manhandling" Keane, because of who he is, as opposed to getting that to$$er Mcateer.

    And altough the elbow was a red carder, It's nice to see that ref's dont just book and send people off for their reputations, isnt that right Mr Viera

    Rennie was in charge of Bristol City V Wigan a few weeks back and sent off a player for nothing, they guy ref's 2nd division games for a reason in my book..he too worried about how good he looks and how many papers he's in......nice shorts by the way
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    i actually think that more refs should be like Mr.Rennie

    if more of them were a dominant figure, referees wouldnt get half the shit off of the players they do. People like Keane and Viera have no respect for Refs - so Uria had the perfect approach in my opinion.......also by restraining Keane the first time, i am sure he saved Keane from being sent off earlier.
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    gunner said:


    I don't think that he did much wrong (mind you if he had broken Keane's nose it would of been ok with me). But in general he is a sh1t ref!
    We need some ref's like that bald Italian ref (Perluigi Colena or something like that).
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    honestDave said:


    Rennie is a sh1t ref and tw@t as well.

    He is nothing more than an attention seeking wannabe.

    Does he still do his flying kung-fu kicks as a warm up routine?? Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a ref warming up and getting ready for a match - but to go on to the pitch and show off in front of the crowd - what a w@nker.

    As for what he did - completely wrong - there was no need to man-handle Keane. Players should not raise their hands at a ref and the same applies vice versa.

    With regards to refs being more dominant figures then I believe the Collina way is the correct option, not Rennie's.
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    redarmy said:

    Default ..................

    He's like most refs fcuking shite. Sending keane off does not make him a good ref it was an easy decision Roy elbowed the ex mard arse spice boy right in front of mr fcuking motivator against the rules easy decision..............................
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    Originally posted by redarmy
    Roy elbowed the ex mard arse spice boy

    i wonder who are the new spice boys ???

    hhhmmm.....another season with nothing and you'll certainly know about it