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    Default trying to add the dashboard

    right ive got the chip insalled all working ok and was going to put the dashboard on and reflash the bios, reading the instructions i come across:

    3) Plugging in the PC DVD drive: Place the PC DVD drive on top of the original XBOX DVD drive, plug in the data cable that you removed from the original DVD drive. Take the standard Y power connector, plug one end into the power cable coming from the XBOX. There are two connectors left, one for the hard drive and the other one for the PC DVD drive, plug both of them in. We are now ready to plug the XBOX in and boot it up.

    can this be done without a pc dvd drive as i dont have one any1 tried this
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    Yes. Use the internal XBOX DVD drive. The only reason you would use a PC DVD drive is if you want to use CDRs. I used a CDRW.

    Also this post should be in the MOD discussion forum
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