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    Default going to disney (florida)

    going to disney soon ne1 got leftover tickets for sale or know of cheap deals going end of oct

    cheers jag

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    when i went (many years ago), there used to be kiosks selling genuine cut-price tickets. don't know if they still exist but better than buying full price on the door. remember to check the t & c's
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    Same here, going in october
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    me to lol

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    As Wadgey said there is ticket kiosks all over florida selling cheap disney tickets . I went last year and bought my tickets here and was well pissed when I got there and they were well cheaper. Heres the good thing though the same kiosks that sell the tickets also buy unused days back from you so heres what you do.

    Tip 1 - When entering the park carry your child etc threw the turnstyle and just pop your ticket threw the machine so come the end of your holidays you still have like 4 days left on the childs ticket which you sell back to any of to any kiosks . I did this the last day and got 80 dollars back which came in handy for getting more presents for people.( The weird thing is they cant tell how many days is left also so you could tell them 5 when theres only 1 day)

    Tip 2 - Never go to the hotel desk and get them to order you a taxi etc as the person that orders the taxi gets like 10 dollars from the taxi driver for referring you the tourist to them. The taxi driver adds this on the cost. Theres lots of backhanders going on etc. So pick up a few taxi cards and call them direct yourself.

    Tip 3 - After spending approx 200 dollars getting taxi'd around I discovered that our hotel has free bus shuttles to disney , shopping malls etc . You just tip the bus driver a few dollars . Check for these transfers.

    Tip 3 - When you go to the factory outlets keep an eye out for coupon type booklets . At a reebok store we got coupons for but a pair of trainers get a pair free . Plus usa isnt into reebok classic etc liek us brits are so you can get a pair for $40 . We came home with 22 pairs ( buy one get one free sowe paid for 11) as presents for family.

    Tip 4 - Before you go set up some cheap telephone calling plan from uk as the calling cards there are expensive and eat your credits.

    Tip 5 - Take a lot of old t shirts shorts etc and throw them away after using them , you can buy loads of gear cheap there and just bring them back in the case you took the old stuff in . I wish I did this because I was carrying loads of cases back through with me.
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    well if you fancy some free sunglasses go to the lost and found and say you lost a black pair of sun glasses and then you get to pick from a tray full of them. plus when your over in america go to universal islands of adventures cos its f˙cking amazing
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    looking good upto now keep replys coming cheers every1

    where you stayin im at sheraton on i drive
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    international drive

    ahh i remember it well

    memories of my dad shouting "where the fcuk are my glasses" to the entire family. then 5 mins later discovering he was sitting on them and had broken them.

    then spending the next day and a half shopping for "thats right" a pair of new glasses.


    Superb holiday and there are some good deals out there.
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    yeah i got cat boots half price over there but that was 4 years ago bit different now I think