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    Does any one have any software that works with win 2000 (UNLOCKING) as i,m having loads of trouble finding any .. Please Chaps

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    thoguth u could use most, and change the compatibility setting on the exe file ?!?!?

    not 100% tho
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    I assume you are refering to unlocking "Nokia" handsets, if so, download "Rolis 478" & "Nokia tools 1.7b" from the Uploads thread [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I have attached a program called "Userport"(it opens up the I/O ports on NT based OS) which you will need to unzip and run, instructions are included, once you've done that, your all ready to go, any more problems, give us a shout, there are plenty of very knowledgable people on this forum!!!!!!!!!!

    good luck
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    thanks guys i,ll give it a go and let ya know, The only prob is rolis , i went to the link but its all in foreign LOL.