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    Default Bull***t Email?????

    here is a copy of an e-mail i got today...anyone get it to?

    This message contains confidential information and is intended only
    for the individual email addressee named. If you are not the named
    addressee, you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this-mail.

    From Tao,

    This message may come as a surprise as we have not met, but I am
    desperately in need of help. I got your contact email address from
    a search I made on the Internet. I cannot contact any of my known
    father's associates because of the on-going situation in my country
    and the predicament facing my family.

    I am the son of the late leader of the Movement for the Total
    Independence of Angola (UNITA), Jonas Savimbi, who was killed in
    a fierce gun battle with government troops loyal to Edwardo Dos Santos
    on the 22nd of Febuary 2002.

    I am Tao Aroujo Sakaita Savimbi, the eldest son of my late father
    (Jonas Savimbi). I was aware of sales of diamonds and crude oil to
    individuals and countries that clandestinely come and purchase these
    products. After the PEACE ACCORD was broken, the United States of
    America government abandoned my father and the United Nations (UN)
    imposed sanctions on all products coming out of UNITA controlled areas.
    It is the proceeds of these sales that were used by UNITA to purchase
    arms to prosecute the war.

    To learn more of the injustice and situation my father faced, check
    the website:

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    My late father, Jonas Savimbi was able to deposit some fund in Europe
    with a Security Company that he intended to make purchases with. I
    happen to be in possesion of documents and information of the deposit
    and some others.

    Our movements presently(including me) is restricted.
    We are forbidden to either travel abroad or out of our localities.

    Presently, the US$50 Million Dollars cash(52 Million Euros) my father
    transfered to Europe before his death for some purchases he intended
    to make is safe and is in the Security firm. I have the passcode and
    the documents to the Security firm. This is where I will need your help
    because at present i cant travel. And I want to act fast before the
    government finds out about the funds.

    With this password and information and power of attorney you will be
    able to proceed to the Security firm. I can get access to a satellite
    phone for communication. When you are ready I will give you the
    information needed before you can get access to the fund you will then
    proceed to the Security company where the funds will be given to you
    as payment either installmentally or depending on the advice of the
    security company.


    Yours sincerely,


    personally i laughed my head off!!

    comments please
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    It's the big Nigerian scam mate.

    Do a search for "nigerian scam" and you'll see thousands of pages on it and it's variations.

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    hah !! they still tryna pull that one off ??