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    As the TransCanadian train pulled into Calgary station, a couple of strangers, a man and an attractive woman, boarded the train and asked the conductor if there were any berths left. He said that he was sorry but there was only one left, a double bunk berth. The man turned to the woman and said, "Well it's a long trip, so if you don't mind, why don't we share, I'll take the top bunk and you have the bottom one, is that OK with you?"
    The woman readily agreed so they settled down for the night. About two hours later, as the train was getting well into the foothills of the Rockys and it was getting a bit cold, the man leaned over the edge of his bunk and said to the woman,"Are you still awake?"
    She answered "Yes, why?"
    The man, shivering, said, "Could you pass me that blanket on the dresser there, it's getting quite chilly up here?"
    The woman answered "I've got a better idea, lets play man and wife!"
    The man excitedly said "Sure!"
    So the woman said: "In that case, get your own fu*king blanket!"
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    very good and very true mate,