Police receive new guidelines for Cannabis Reclassification

Thread: Police receive new guidelines for Cannabis Reclassification

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    Default Police recieve new guidelines for Cannabis Reclassification

    'Three strikes and you're out' cannabis laws

    Police will give cannabis smokers "three strikes and you're out" warnings when the drug is reclassified next year.

    Users stopped in the street once or twice with the drug will simply have it confiscated, be given a formal warning and sent on their way.

    But anyone caught three times in a year will face tougher penalties including a caution or arrest and charge for possession.

    The new guidelines come from the Association of Chief Police Officers are being unveiled at its annual drugs conference.

    The revised stance on cannabis will come in to effect by July next year once the Home Secretary David Blunkett reclassifies the drug from Class B to the less serious Class C.

    An ACPO spokesman said: "It is effectively three strikes and out and you could be arrested."

    "The guidelines are in response to the Home Secretary's reclassification of cannabis. You will be given a warning for the first two times but if you are caught a third time within a 12 month period you will face more serious penalties," he added.

    Under the guidelines, quantities of up to three grams of cannabis will be deemed for personal use.

    But anyone who refuses to hand over the drug or challenges the police to take action will also face arrest.

    hehehehe... i cant wait
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    Sorry but three grams is absolutly bugger all, I have carried much more than that on me (big discounts for buying in bulk) and I am certainly not dealing it to anyone, purely personal

    That really takes the piss.
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    thats under 1/8th!!!!! what a load of cack.
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    When was cannabis made class b or has it always been in this catagory? I always thought it was a class c drug an was pretty sure i was taught that it was wen i was in school. Could ne1 clear this up for me?

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    well if they stop u and u have a 9 bar on u then u will have to hit them with it