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    Default Laptop language prob!!

    Hey guys,

    i have been given a Panasonic Al-N2 notebook, which has Win95 on it, but all in Chinese, this wouldnt have been a prob if the lappie had a "cd-rom" but it doesnt, only a "floppy drive" so i cant even rebuild it with a new O/S. Even when i enter the setup menu (which starts off in English) it is also in Chinese.

    As i said, it does have an external floppy drive, and serial/parallel ports, and also ports for PCMCIA cards.

    Is there anyway of putting a clean O/S on it or atleast just changing the language, without learning chinese?
    I have thought of hooking it up to another pc, and cloning it, but it dont have a network card in it, and plus i wouldnt be able to configure it, i feel i am left with the floppy as my only alternative, am i right, and if so, how could i go about doing it????

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    Difficult one this.

    The only way really is to either connect a external CD-Drive or.

    Remove the Hard Drive and install it in another laptop or a PC(you will need a IDE convertor though) with a CD drive and install the O/S then put the drive back in and you should be able to use it then.

    External CD would be the easiest.

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    If its Win 95 can't you run an english version on a different pc and just follow what you would do on the english version. it cant be that difficult as all the icons will be the same?


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    You can always get Win98 cab files, RAR, ZIP or whatever compression you like down to floppy disk size. Then copy it from your machine onto Floppy disk. Make a Windows 98 boot disk format ur laptop (backup old files or whatever u want on disk before) then copy the compressed win98 in rar of floppy onto laptop, do this until all files are on laptop then extra. After doing this u can just boot and then install from dos as u have copied all files over.

    Does this shed any light on the problem? I mean depending on what ur after doing on ur laptop ur best bet is Win95 because its REAL small so less disk swapping.

    A other option is to buy a network card for ur laptop and send files over via network. You can go the cheaper route (saving on the network PCIMIA card or whateveR PC... it is and buy a Parellel Cable and connect your laptop up with your computer and copy files over that way. Not as fast but u will get there in the end.

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