flashing a Hyundai/Hynix Chip

Thread: flashing a Hyundai/Hynix Chip

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    Default flashing a Hyundai/Hynix Chip

    i have a mod chip installed with evo x, what i was hoping to do is flash the main xboxs bios and remove the chip so i can help others to chip theres . i have a Hyundai/Hynix Chip within the xbox whats my options please.
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    To flash hyundai/hynix chip, you need the xflash utility.

    1. Bridge the flash jumpers
    2. Boot Xbox with xflash
    3. Disable you modchip
    4. Flash internal bios
    5. remove everything

    There you go. There is only one way you can do it.
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    is there a step by step tutorial for this?
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