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    Ive just made an old machine (450 PII) out of spare parts and stuck Win 98SE on it. Its runs fine but it wont power its self down when you shut windows down. I have to hold the power button in to turn it of.

    Any ideas, Ive looked over the power management and it all seems correct.


    El Wappo
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    So APM is enabled? Have you check how the Power Management settings are in the BIOS?

    When you say it won't shutdown, do you get the "It is now safe to turn off you system" screen?

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    El Wappo - some OLD OLD motherboards wont turn off when u want to shut down in windows. They require a bios flash.

    Oh that reminds me Have you downloaded the Windows 98SE Shutdown patch?

    found at:

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    Read Me First

    The Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement addresses shutdown issues on systems with specific hardware/software configurations running Windows 98 Second Edition. These issues include systems restarting when selecting shutdown and systems hanging on shutdown.

    NOTE: This supplement has been updated as of November, 1999. Please install this latest version.

    Microsoft recommends the troubleshooting steps outlined in the KB article How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems. If, after following the steps outlined in this article, the system continues to exhibit shutdown problems, then Microsoft suggests applying this update.

    Microsoft has also learned that some customers were replacing the Windows 98 Second Edition version of CONFIGMG.VXD with the Windows 98 version to address shutdown issues. Microsoft strongly recommends that users do not do this. This is an untested scenario that could result in blue screens, ACPI errors and hardware failures. This update will check to see if the appropriate version of CONFIGMG.VXD is installed on the system and replace any older versions with the Windows 98 Second Edition version.

    Any use?
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    thanks man
    ill give that a bash.

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